Google + Twitter = Glitter? (Updated)

The considers reports that is negotiating to buy . Read the full story here.

An :

    TechCrunch reports three sources on acquisition talks, with scant detail including price. The assumption is that it would be more than the company’s internal valuation of $250m, and a more secure figure than the $ in stock deal that Twitter turned down from Facebook last year.

    But talks for what? Would this be an outright acquisition, part acquisition or a search deal?

    I said when Facebook talks were reported that it would be sad to see Twitter lose its independence, though it is perhaps inevitable. Twitter is backed by some extremely influential who, despite their apparently unwavering support for the firm, will want a meaty return on their at some point. What could be more reliable in the web world than hard Google cash, with some shares thrown in for good measure?

I freely confess that, as regards Twitter, I just don’t get. But I still think Usenet is the greatest thing since sliced bread.


Kara Swisher at Boomtown reports that Google and Twitter were, indeed, talking, but not about acquistioin.

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