Gumblar Virus

The Guardian reports that there’s a new kid in town, and he’s breaking windows via the Google. The story is here.

    A computer virus that targets Google users is mutating rapidly, turning it into what some are calling the biggest threat to online security today.

    The worm, known as Gumblar, attacks computers through vulnerabilities in some version of ’s PDF reader and Flash player software. Once it infects a victim’s PC, it silently redirects the user’s Google search results to sites that download more onto the machine or allow criminals to conduct “” attacks to steal login details for banking, social networking and websites.

The worm spreads from infected website. The story recommends the Unmask Parasites tool for scanning a site; I just scanned my own site and it came up clean.

In my Linux world, I do not use Adobe Acrobat Reader, though it is available for Linux; I use KPDF, which is faster lighter smaller. Indeed, in my Windows world, I don’t use the Acrobat Reader; I use Foxit, also faster lighter smaller. I do, however, use Flash.

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