Opera 10 Beta Released

Reuters reports here. It’s basically a summary of the press release here.

By and large, I don’t do betas. I don’t have the time or discipline to hold up my end of the bargain, which would be to file bug reports. I think the only I’ve ever done was AOL v. 8.

But I’m looking forward to the final release. As I’ve said before, I’m a rabid fanboy, having used it as my primary for almost 10 years now. I also use the email client, RSS reader, IRC client, and newsgroup reader–all my favorite internet functions in one convenient place. Plus I can transfer links, mail, feeds, and all that other stuff back and forth between my Windows and Linux boxes when I need to.

For example, when I set up my netbook, I didn’t have to recreate the RSS feeds; I just exported them from the primary laptop, dragged the OPML file over the network to the netbook, and imported them into the Opera there. Badda-bing.

You can download the beta here, if you’re interested in testing it out. If you do and if you already have a functioning Opera installation, install the beta into a separate directory. Remember what beta means:

    It’s not supposed to work right yet. That’s why it’s in beta.
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