Penetrating the Cloud

What’s the difference between “ computing” and “networking”?

In the immortal word of Yoghurt in the classic movie, Space Balls,


Bruce Schneir writes in the Guardian:

    But, hype aside, cloud computing is nothing new . It’s the modern version of the timesharing model from the 1960s, which was eventually killed by the rise of the personal computer. It’s what Hotmail and Gmail have been doing all these years, and it’s social networking sites, remote backup companies, and remote email filtering companies such as MessageLabs. Any IT outsourcing – , security monitoring, remote hosting – is a form of cloud computing.

And it is nothing new.

I have my own little cloud.

Now, am I going to put personal documents out on, for example, Google Docs? No. I’m going to back them up to my server (and, for real important stuff, removable media, such as a DVD), because, well, stuff breaks. I would unhesitatingly use Google Docs for the collaborative aspects of it if I needed to, but why go there when I have OpenOffice.

I don’t even trust my cloud all that much, because, well, stuff breaks. I’m sure as shootin’ ain’t gonna trust any one else’s cloud.

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