Skype Sale

According to Bloomberg, ’s has found a buyer for –an investment outfit that includes Marc Andreessen, father of Netscape.

It was a marriage that never worked out. Skype has continued to grow, but Ebay was never able to do what they wanted with it. I think that it is probably a good move for both companies:

    Skype’s revenue grew 25 percent to $170 million in the second quarter, EBay reported in July. The service added 37.3 million users in the three-month period, for a total of 480.5 million.

    Even as the business grew, EBay never made good on its original promise for Skype: integrating the service into its e- commerce site, so buyers and sellers could use it to discuss large purchases. EBay wrote down Skype’s value to $1.2 billion in 2006.

(I know at least one person who is resisting requests from family members, who live on another continent and are on very good terms, to get Skype because of a fear of having no time left to be alone.)

Me, I use free and open source Ekiga when I need internet telephony.

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