Social Network Creep

Another company has joined the world, Reuters reports. Read the full story here.

Here’s an excerpt:

    Starting on Tuesday, users can use Facebook Connect — software that links individual Facebook pages to third-party Web sites — to share their ratings of rentals with their Facebook friends, the companies said in a statement.

This will not affect me at all. I have been abducted into the Facebook mothership (and it has been a much more positive experience than I ever would have predicted), but there are not enough movies out there that I want to watch to consider a subscription fee to anyone.

Nevertheless, it is rather astonishing to see how important seem to have become to many persons, including old guys like me.

This story has statistics about that growth rate. It also predicts that the “explosive growth” of social networks will plateau in five years.

Certainly, their growth must plateau someday. There will be no place left for them to grow to.

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