“Take 4.5 Gals. Mineral Oil and Call Me in the Morning”

High school student builds cooled by mineral oil. Everything is submerged except the power suppy and the harddrives. Read the full story here:

    When Brandon Glorioso told his teachers he was going to build a computer inside a fish tank filled with liquid, some of them said it would never work.

    Two weeks later, he proved them wrong. Glorioso, a senior at North Carroll High School, is already playing games on his custom computer, which he built entirely out of spare parts he had lying around the house. The only cost he incurred was $94 for a 4.5-gallon bottle of mineral oil to fill the tank.


    Most computers are cooled by fans, but the number of fans he would need to cool the 3.4-gigahertz processor in his newly assembled computer would make the system loud and disruptive, he said.

    Some people build water-cooled systems for computers, but those can be dangerous, he added. Mineral oil, on the other hand, is a nonconductive substance. Glorioso was able to submerge everything but the computer’s power supply and two hard drives in the substance, which flows through pipes into a homemade radiator.

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