The Great Digital Conversion II

It appears that the delay in the broadcast conversion may have had one beneficial side effect.

According to the , there was a shortage of converter boxes in the stores. See the article here.

As near as I can tell, this had nothing whatsoever to do with the vote in Congress to delay the . . .

. . . which I think arose entirely out of fear, uncertainty, and doubt (“”).

Production lines are being restarted in China, and it will be weeks before new product arrives in the United States.

The article asks (emphasis added):

“So what would have happened if the whole digital transition worked the way it was supposed to? Many of those 3.7 million people would be marching into their local Radio Shack and Best Buy stores trying to buy converter boxes next weekend right before the scheduled cutoff on Feb. 17. And if the electronics association’s numbers are right, the boxes would have sold out.”

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