Touched at an Angle

The New York Times reports that big advances in are coming. The full story is here. An excerpt:

    The PC industry wants to make touch functions more sophisticated and widespread. On-screen objects could be twisted and turned with several fingers, mimicking the action used in real life. The next version of Windows from Microsoft, Windows 7, will usher in a new era of touch technology when it appears on PCs later this year, according to Mr. Ben-David. Backed by Microsoft, Israel-based N-trig uses a combination of software and sensors to create a special type of screen that can interact with pens and fingers. N-trig’s technology works by pumping an electrical signal through the screen. When a finger hits the screen, the electricity is discharged. Software interprets that to move graphics on the screen. The company claims that its technology works better on the larger displays of laptops and PCs since it handles many inputs at once.

Me, I’ve never liked touch screens and won’t start now, but it does look neat for touch-screen lovers.

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