Twouble with Twittles

Bloomberg reports on gathering clouds in Land. Aggressive attempts by companies to use to market themselves are turning Twitterers off and fostering the growth of third-parties to help Twitterers control who can follow them. Read the full story here.

The story goes on to describe some of the actions Twitter is taking to combat this.

An excerpt:

    Rachel Gard, who started using Twitter two months ago to keep in touch with friends, says she may stop using the site if companies keep contacting her.

    Already Home Depot Inc. has wished her luck painting her room, a medical company recommended its device for her ear infection, and a DJ told her to check out his single.

    “I don’t want random people contacting me,” said Gard, 21, who lives in Clearwater, Florida. “Don’t try to sell yourself through my Twitter.”

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