Will the Lightspeed Limit Be Unbroken?

Scientific Blogging reports that a warp drive may be possible. Read the full story here.

I’m skeptical on two counts: It’s highly speculative and the “massive amounts of energy” (quoting from the story) may be such as to make it theoretically possible and practically impossible.

But my gut leads me to think, “cold fusion.”

An excerpt below the fold:

    Dr. Gerald Cleaver, associate professor of at Baylor, and Dr. Richard Obousy, a Baylor post-doctoral student, theorize that by manipulating the -time dimensions around the spaceship with a massive amount of energy, it would create a “bubble” that could push the ship faster than the speed of light. To create this bubble, the Baylor physicists believe manipulating dark energy would create dark energy. Cleaver said positive dark energy is responsible for speeding up the universe as time moves on, just like it did after the Big Bang, when the universe expanded faster than the speed of light.


    The method is based on the Alcubierre drive, which proposes expanding the fabric of space behind a ship into a bubble and shrinking space-time in front of the ship. The ship would not actually move, rather the ship would sit in between the expanding and shrinking space-time dimensions. Since space would move around the ship, the theory does not violate Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which states that it would take an infinite amount of energy to accelerate an object faster than the speed of light.

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