XAMPP Webhosting Package

The XAMPP project produces pre-configured webhosting packages based on Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl for , Windows, Mac, and (early ) Solaris. Once you have installed it, you have all you need to run a website, including a one using an SQL database, such as a , on your local computer, with all the different configured to work with each other.

It’s intended for development and testing, not for production. When it installs, it is completely without security and without password protection, though that can be changed.

After implementing the security, I used it to self-host my public website for three years (eventually, the site’s database outgrew the of my P4 server and I put it on GoDaddy).

I gave a presentation on XAMPP for Linux at my LUG tonight; you can download a copy of the handout (PDF).

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