“Your Computer Wallet May Be at Risk”

Almost everyone has gotten a pop-up somewhere along the line warning us that our computers may be at risk. Then, with a little investigation, we find that our computers are not at risk but our wallets are. If we accept the offer that the pop-up beckons us to, we get nothing, except possibly more ads and and a bill. The USA outlawed that stuff several years ago.

The Guardian reports today that a company which has tormented computer users in the UK for years with that type of popup has mysteriously disappeared. Read the full story here.

Here’s an excerpt:

    For two years, Technology Guardian has reported on the pop-up biller Micro Bill Systems Ltd and its successor, Platte International Ltd, based in the British Virgin Islands (but with a “management company” in the UK).

    Now, Platte International (UK) Ltd has shut down, leaving behind it a string of important but unanswered questions. For instance: is there an investigation by HM Revenue and Customs into unpaid VAT by Platte International (BVI)? Why did Platte International cease marketing to the UK? And will the Office of Fair Trading follow the lead of the US and outlaw “pop-up billing”?

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