Build Day Live: HPE SimpliVity 380 Build Day

I will be joining once again for another , as we install 380 into his network. This is a live series where we come to the company and walk through an install of hardware into our infrastructure.

Our goal: Deploy a 3+2 with Federation 2 cluster. Install VM instances, talk backup, do a DVP deep dive, and much more (as time allows).

It is awesome that (HPE) has invited us back to build a SimpliVity box. We’ve been here since last week working on strategy, and going through a dry run to make sure we have everything in place for the stream.

We have , , Richard Greenwalt,and many more joining in on the conversation, and support knowledge to make this all go smooth. Of course, Becca Taylor is helping us with much of the support needs, and Chris Purcell is overseeing the whole project.

Keep in mind: the Build Day is live – no pre-fabricated parts. We factory reset all systems, so if there are any issues, we walk through it until the box is up and running.

This is our third build day of the year, with 2 more to go in 2017.

Join us on October 26, 2017 at 9 AM PST, and find out a little bit about . You can join in through Twitter – #HPESimplivity #BuildDayLive or live chat on YouTube.

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