LIVE Show 11-17-08 – i7, Martin Sargent for Yugo CEO and hackers

Tonights show was another great one! We had a lot of friends show up and a bunch of new ones! Brokenshovel was getting a new , so we talked about the i7 that just came out. We also talked about ’s and ’s struggles.

Someone came on the show concerned they were hacked. We talked about what an does and what the person should do to be more secure.

Finally, in hour #2 we found out that , of ! has decided to step down. We talked about who the successor should be. Larry Ellison from was suggested. I think the best person for the role is Martin Sargent. He has a lot of contacts and can make a young company again.

All this and a lot more on the LIVE Show.

Hour 1

Hour 2

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