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Geekazine Mug

Geekazine Coffee MugThis is a great way to start your day! Geekazine on one side, Geekazine LIVE on the other. Simple 8 oz coffee mug for your home, work, school, and more. Support Geekazine and we’ll support your coffee, tea, or other beverage. 

Get the Geekazine Mug Here $9 

Geekazine Coffee Mug

Geekazine Hoodie

The Geekazine Hoodie is a great way to keep warm in these cold months. 80/20 cotton/poly mix, it’s warm and cozy when your out and about, or at home relaxing. 

Get the Geekazine Hoodie $33

Geekazine Phone Holder

Perfect for your phone, this collapsable grip allows you to hold your phone or tablet, or prop it up on it’s side at an angle. When you don’t need it, simply push it in and slip in your pocket!

Get the Geekazine Phone Holder $12.99 

"I Make the Best Geek Porn" T-shirt

A fun T-shirt for content creators. Multiple sizes and colors, add this to your geeky collection. 

Get the Geek Porn T-Shirt $14.49

#geekout T-Shirt

Simple, and to the point. #geekout with this shirt on. It’s been the hashtag of Geekazine for 8 years. Wear it with pride, as you Geek out over whatever you’re doing. 

Get the #geekout T-shirt $14.49 

"I Suffer from OGD" T-Shirt

Obsessive Geek Disorder – It’s a very fun affliction to have. If you need the latest gadgets, you have OGD. If you deep-dive into your profession, your have OGD. If people have to say “I don’t understand what you’re doing”, you have OGD. 

Get the OGD T-Shirt $14.49

Other great deals from Geekazine

Tube Buddy
Tube Buddy

If you are a Youtuber, you need every advantage you can get to publishing your videos and getting them ranked high. Tube Buddy is a 3rd party extension that gives you tools to make the publishing of videos easier and helps promote your channel. 

Check it out at