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Geekazine Mug

Geekazine Coffee Mug
Geekazine Coffee Mug

This is a great way to start your day! Geekazine on one side, Geekazine LIVE on the other. Simple 8 oz coffee mug for your home, work, school, and more. Support Geekazine and we\’ll support your coffee, tea, or other beverage.

Get the Geekazine Mug Here $9

Geekazine Coffee Mug

Geekazine Hoodie

Logo Design Angled Zip Zip HoodieThe Geekazine Hoodie is a great way to keep warm in these cold months. 80/20 cotton/poly mix, it\’s warm and cozy when your out and about, or at home relaxing.

Geekazine Hoodie

Geekazine AI T-Shirt

Geek AI T-ShirtMade with AI, for your AI needs. This T-Shirt looks right at people and says “Hey – are you AI?”

Get the Geek AI T-Shirt

#geekout T-Shirt

Geekout TshirtSimple, and to the point. #geekout with this shirt on. It\’s been the hashtag of Geekazine for 8 years. Wear it with pride, as you Geek out over whatever you\’re doing. 

Decked Out

Decked Out Raglan Baseball TeeDecked out is a great way to support your stream deck obsession. 

Get Decked Out

Other great deals from Geekazine

Tube Buddy

If you are a Youtuber, you need every advantage you can get to publishing your videos and getting them ranked high. Tube Buddy is a 3rd party extension that gives you tools to make the publishing of videos easier and helps promote your channel. 

Check it out at

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