5 Tech Things You Should Know Boxee Application Approved!



Just a ago, Geekazine’s “5 Tech Things You Should Know” Boxee application was approved. It will soon be in the repository and will be accessible through your applications.

The 5 Tech Things is a show – 10-15 minutes in length – that highlights 5 items everyone should know about. It doesn’t get too technical and gives you a glimpse at what’s happening in the space.

Out of the 3 shows of Geekazine, the 5 Tech Things has been the most popular. Because of that, I have been working hard on this show to give you every opportunity to watch it.

The 5 Tech Things is not a stranger to Boxee. The video is also available via Blip.tv Application and through the TechPodcasts Application. This will just be a more direct way to get the video.

The process for the application is pretty straightforward. Future development is in the plans – especially with other audio and video properties like the weekly and the upcoming Day in Tech History – Video edition.

I would like to thank Rafael from Boxee for helping me streamline this application through the process.

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