5 Years of Geekazine.com – The Good, Bad and the Future

I host the first video on Geekazine (pic1)

Do you remember what you were doing 5 years ago today? I do. I started this website.
-Jeffrey Powers, Geekazine.com

It was this day in 2007 where I hit the button and started Geekazine.com. The was already running (as I started it a month prior). I launched the website and did the for the day. I felt it was a great and an exciting time for me and Geekazine.

Then I got laid off from my .

It was literally the day before launch that I was called into a room and told my services were no longer welcome. I was also sick during the launch and the audio was not going my way. I took the negative focus and put it in positive articles on Geekazine. Adding the Focus section and the video (pic 1*) which I talked about tech how-to.

I also started the Geekazine Quickcast – daily shows that included special one-on-one interviews, the 5 minute segments and This week in Tech History every Monday. It was a full of that I started in January 2008.

and I at 2009

The first year of Geekazine

The first year was a tough one. I was doing three different shows – including a show on Vocalo.org. I also did a fill-in episode for at Geeknewscentral.com (the first time I met Todd) which brought to my show. I also participated on the 24 hour podcast, which I made the declaration that in 2009 I would join Todd and Andy in Vegas for CES.

I joined the TechPodcast network where I had instant podcast friends that were helping each other. It was a great community that was teaching each other how to grow as a podcast and a brand.

Jeff and Johnny on Roland TD-20

Meeting Great People at Big Events

I look back at all the events I have gone to. From CES to SXSW, Tech Day to VMWorld. I have met and interviewed many big names. Recently it was LeVar Burton on his Reading Rainbow iPad app, but I also talked with names like Wayne Brady, Greg Gruenberg, Adrian Grenier, Bill Ford, Brent Spiner, Andy Dick and a very sweet interview in 2009 with Steve Wozniak.

I also met the people who also work in this field – Leo Laporte, Jim Lauderback, Patrick Norton, Chris Pirillo, Robert Scoble, Chris Brogan, C.C. Chapman, Gary Vaynerchuck, Cali Lewis, Molly Wood and many others. These are people I still talk to when I happen to cross their paths. A completely amazing group of mentors and friends.

Jeff and Mike

Jeff and Mike getting ready to ride in a Ford Raptor

The (almost) Closing of Geekazine

It was this time last year when I was posed with a situation where I almost closed Geekazine. CES 2011 was not as profitable as we thought and I got behind on many bills. I had 5 different shows at that time including the 5 Tech Things you should know, The OTT and the moving of Day in Tech History onto it’s own website.

The money had dried up and I was entertaining an offer to a job that was going to take me in a different direction. If that job would have happened Geekazine would most likely have been on the auction block.

Then I got a call from Stitcher Internet Radio to do some work as a podcaster. It got me through the remaining year and revitalized my vision for the website. I ended up canceling the OTT and 5 Tech Things, along with a new segment I was going to do called “Hangout Tech Guy” which was a show where I hung out on Google+ and answered people’s tech questions.

Dorkazine, Wikazine, Sportazine, TVazine.com

The idea was to have 10 websites in the following 2 years to cover different items. Dorkazine started in March 2008 when my brother wanted to talk about dorky stuff. Sportazine was started for a friend to talk sports.

Wikazine was the Geekazine Wiki – which has the full show notes to the Day in Tech History. TVazine is in flux right now because of the re-structuring I did.

Updated the website look 3 times since 2008.

Day in Tech History

I do have to admit I got really intimidated when Tom Merritt started Tech History Today. Here I was doing a show for over 4 years and my major competition had a big network backing it in TWIT.TV. What was worse – his video show was getting more response than DITH was.

A few months prior I was contemplating giving Day in Tech History it’s own website. When I found out THT was being produced I pushed forward and built the new location for Tech History podcast.

This year has been great for Day in Tech History. With the Podcast Award nomination the site has seen more traffic. Hopefully that will lead to bigger and better stuff.


I wanted to do a show that would really hit with audiences. After researching different tech fields, I decided to do a show on the iPad. At first it was a 7-day a week show but that got too intense, so I dropped back to 3 days a week.

5-years of Geekazine.com

5-years of Geekazine.com

The Future of Geekazine

The next five years will hopefully be a fun run. With the new website How to Record Podcasts in the mix, I have been working on focusing Geekazine to video content. iPad365 will continue, along with Geek Smack! and Special Media Feed. I will still be heading to CES for 2013 where we have a great location next to North hall. This will increase our traffic and hopefully get more views to our 30 million from last year.

Personal Thanks to Everyone

I would like to thank everyone that has come to Geekazine in the last 5 years. I am always looking for new ideas and people that want to help out.

A quick shout out to Frank Bell and Russ Hall – my two regular writers at Geekazine for a while. They have since moved on to other projects. I would also like to thank Douglas Whitfield for taking care of Sportazine and my Brother Thom who got me to start Dorkazine.

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