999 on 9-09-09 (technically)

OK, so I was looking at my numbers just after midnight CST and found out that Geekazine has pushed 998 articles in the last 2 years. That makes this one 999, with the next being 1000. It’s a great that just happened to do so on 9-9-09. And technically there are some still in the lucky / unlucky (depending on how you look at it).

For me, it was just productive. Worked on DITH, rebuilt a club’s sound system, fixed a couple issues on the site, learned a new song for the acoustic show. Downloaded the 3.1 update and Madden10. That’s how I roll.

Once again, the next post will make 1000. 100 podcasts, 1000 posts and 2 years of Geekazine coming up in October. Amazing numbers – Hopefully we’ll double those in less time.

Of course if anyone wants to contribute to Geekazine, feel free to let me know.


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