A Byte Out of Steve Jobs Life: From Apple, to NeXT, iPod to iPad [Infographic]

From 1955 to 2011 – Steve Jobs has grown through technology, adopted technology and then taken it to the level. But don’t take my writing for it. His accomplishments speak for himself.

Updated 10-05-11

That is why I put together this infographic. From Feb 24, 1955 when he was born and adopted, to the times he was sleeping on people’s floors and selling coke bottles for the 5 cent per bottle price. From meeting Steve Wozniak to hiring , and even ousting . From OS X to iTunes to iPod to iPhone to iPad.

There is a lot of information here. I put in as much that I could. It was an amazing 10 hours of work – putting all this text into one box, then making it look as best I can.

The Infographic is 800 k. Of course, it’s not the full-size JPG (That one is 6.6 MB in size).

Did I miss something? Something not right? Let me know – @geekazine

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Steve Jobs Life Inforgraphic

Steve Jobs Life Inforgraphic




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