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A Funny Thing Happened at the Madison iPhone Users Group – PWN the Compass

Not sure how we got on the application. Must’ve been talking about the rock climbing application that was out there. At any rate, Clint was not sure if his was right, so they set the phones side by side. That is when the ensued…

The compasses began to change around. If we moved one phone to the other side, the numbers would change. One would say 183 degrees and the other would say 318 (for example). If we moved one around another, we could cause it to show the . Didn’t know that digital compasses could have magnetic polarity issues.


What was the easiest trick was to take one iPhone and hover over the other one. You can see the craziness ensue. However, we also noticed that Clint’s iPhone was a little off balance when he switched over to . It would point him south when it should have pointed him east. Hmmmm… Hope he doesn’t get lost.

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