A sad day – Ending relations with Mevio – Eastbay Sponsor

This will be the only time I talk about this:

Two weeks ago while attending Blogworld – New 2009, I went to upload my content to TVazine – hosted by Mevio. The uploader didn’t work. After trying to get a solution from the online forums, I was told that the person who could help me was not in the office and I wouldn’t have a solution until “the weekend, maybe later”.

Because of this issue, I lost out on 4 days of . I had put some of it up on geekazine.blip.tv. That uploader was working just fine.

I took a week off from producing video content. The decision was made earlier this week and I had begun moving content. I am not sure if I will put up past episodes on blip.tv just yet. Certain videos will be up there, like the “Window7 on Ubuntu 9.04”, since it’s still being circulated.

I had 2 sponsors with Mevio – and . Because I ended relations with Mevio, I have to end relations with these sponsors. It is sad, but necessary.

I wish Mevio the best and maybe we will work together in the future. For now, the new 5 Tech Things will be found over on the new home of tvazine.com – geekazine.blip.tv.


Jeffrey Powers

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