I’m Taking the Absolute LoJack Challenge

Absolute Lo-Jack Challenge

Lo-Jack Challenge

We are at an age where if we lose our connected devices, we feel lost or even violated. Not only is this a gateway to our friends and family through social apps, but it also contains our pictures, documents, lives – all on a , tablet, or computer.

Last July I had my stolen (also known as “Cherry picked”), which put me in a loop. I technically went through this challenge back then unwittingly. I ended up getting a $15 “burner” phone while I was on a 2 day trip, then replaced with an old smartphone to save money.

Of course we know that a is stolen every 50 seconds. The price of any iPhone on the black market is a couple hundred bucks – while you spend over $600 to replace it yourself. You might have insurance through renters or home owners insurance, but the $500 deductible on most policies make it unreasonable to replace right away.

That is why I am helping people be more aware of their device through this challenge. I am going to “lose” my phone and try to find it using . This is laptop tracking software that will help me find my device. can help track your stolen laptop (smartphone or tablet), or even lock your machine down with their data protection software.

I will be participating with a series of bloggers who will be doing the same thing.

Who is Absolute LoJack

Absolute LoJack is a company that works with over 6700 law enforcement agencies who can help track your device across the globe. They recover 400 devices per month – with 30,000 devices recovered. Their staff contains ex-law enforcement professionals who can track digital footprints.

When your device is stolen, you can track where it could be or just lock it down so the thief cannot access your data.

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