Are You Ready for iSEO, SiSEO (Subliminal Instant Search Engine Optimization)?

We’ve had a week to ingest it. instant search. You can save 2-5 seconds on your search time. But do we get a more that we didn’t expect?

Let’s say you are searching for Geekazine. Open up Google and as you are typing, you get (for top results):

G – from Google

Ge – Geico

Gee –

Geek – Geek

Geeka – Geekatplay

Geekaz – Geekazine

Geekazi – Same

Geekazin – Same

Geekazine – Same

3 years ago when I started this website, I did a google search on Geekazine. It came up with only 2 results. I figured if I was going to work with SEO, I would create my own SEO word.

Fast forward 3 years. I would say that Geekazine has done a pretty in that.

It’s interesting on how sometimes the rules change and you now have to think outside the proverbial box. Realize what happens when we start typing our favorite terms.

So now, 1,2 and 3 letter words are just as important as the actual search term. For an example, I opened up a browser window, then went down the alphabet. The adjoining video is what I got for results (See video below, or watch on YouTube):

SiSEO (Subliminal Instant SEO)

Definition: Subliminal Stimulation – An individual’s absolute threshold for conscious perception.

Subliminal Brain - Nicolas Rougier

Yes, subliminal. You might see something for a milisecond, and the brain may process it.

So you might be looking for Shoes and instead start wondering what movies are on . You could be looking for a Budget car rentals and start craving a Bud Light. You might be looking for entertainment and reminded about .


The Ads on Google also change as the word or phrase gets typed in. It gives ads a better chance to be seen, but also may make advertising on Google more expensive.

For example: If you type in “Geekazine” in search and stop on “Gee” for 3 seconds, then all the ads on the page will be marked as seen.

Will that change how you think of SEO? I would guess so. It would make 2-3 letter words like “Goo” become more important.

Whether or not it saves us 2-5 seconds of time, it definitely puts a new spin on searching. Are you ready for it?

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