Bleem! Re-Emerges with Bleem! 360 and Bleem! PS3 Emulators for PC, Mac and iPad

Edititor’s Note 4-01-2010 20:48:00: **This story is not true. It was part of Geekazine’s Annual Joke 2010**

I have to admit, back in 1999, I had a copy of Bleem! With a quick burn of a Playstation disc and my trusty PS – USB controller, I could play a lot of Playstation games from my computer, which worked well if someone else was . When the company went bankrupt, I was saddened, but moved on with my life.

Now that has all changed. According to an undisclosed source, new contracts have been created and Bleem! will begin producing once again for not only the Bleem! for Playstation, PS2 and PS3, but also for the Bleem! for XBOX 360! Further, contract negotiations for Nintendo are expected to be complete by July 1.

The new emulator also has a : It will be available for not only the PC, but , , and for Bleem! for Apple iPad.

“The iPad seemed to be the interesting addition.” Says the undisclosed source. “We have the Application submitted already. In order for you to play the games, you will get a separate program that will convert the disc content to hard drive, then either transfer straight to the device, or you can put on a on the network.”

The best part about the Bleem! converter program is that you can use it for all platforms. Essentially, if you want to hold all your games on one media server, then you will be able to stream to the PC, Mac, XBox, Playstation 3 or iPad.

Sony officials would not comment, but a top executive did mention “If it were to happen, we would see a release by Quarter 3…” Leaked photos of the logos were up on Bittorrent in a zip file marked “GoresInternet”:

Bleem! for PS3

Bleem! for XBox 360

Local has been on fire since the news broke.

@aplusk said – Just got in line for the ipad.. I’m not messing around!

@BillGates tweets: The beauty is amazing. My connection doesn’t let me post pictures- will do that and a Gates Notes post when we return.

@ Scobleizer: WOW! This is GENIUS!!!

@davewiner: I have a new one. What software are you running on your system?

The website Hardocp got to test out the program. According to their review, they mentioned that the frame rate matches the game system. They played Final Fantasy XIII and Modern Warfare II. There was a bit of skipping in MWII, but overall the games were playable.

Bleem! has been working with a company called Flairs Pool – an electronics company based in France – to produce controllers that are close, but don’t infringe on Patents held by Microsoft and Sony. The controllers will be wireless and connect through a FAB you connect to the PC, Mac or iPad.

The expected retail price of Bleem! for Mac or PC will be $99, with an iPad price of $9.99 for the Application and $49.95 for the converter program. Release date is set for APRIL FOOLS!

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