‘Block’ Connection Blocking Phone Case

As much as technology has improved our lives, it has also had some unintended side effects. People find it hard to tear themselves away from their phones. Sometimes they even ignore those in the real world in favor of what is going on on their device. It is especially annoying when you are talking with someone and they are constantly checking their phone. Some people have even walked into traffic and been killed by cars because they were glued to their phone screen. It’s a real problem that proves that too much of a good thing can be very bad.

So it is important to disconnect now and then and be a part of the real world. That’s where “Block” comes in handy. It is a connection-blocking with a sleek appearance. If you want to prevent messages, calls and notifications from distracting you, just place your mobile device into the and forget it. Now you can give your full attention to those around you, and in doing so, create stronger bonds between friends and family.

Yes, you could just turn your phone off, but this is all about your willingness to put it away completely and engage with others. It’s not about the case. Or is it?

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