1-24-09 – Ramblings – Lots of CES Posts

Todd Cochrane is heading to , so he’s putting up as much video he can. Therefore, I’ve been putting up all the videos. Add in the Backchannel posts and I’ve doubled the amount of articles on Geekazine for the next few weeks. Nonetheless, I am willing to sacrifice the time to get these videos up.

I also started getting back into the swing of things. Bitstrips, Quickcasts and the . Of course, there was no LIVE Show on Monday due to a very special day of mine. I ended up spending the day celebrating. Although I took the day off, it turned out I had to get some work done. Oh well – it’s all for the cause, right?

I did 2 things I never thought I would – I ate SPAM and installed Windows 7 . Last week I got a laptop up and running that I didn’t expect would work. I basically bought it for parts, but when I found out there was no problems with it, I started buying parts to turn it into the second laptop.

This machine is a . It was suggested that this machine could be set up as a hackintocsh, so I looked at some programs that could load up Leopard. The wasn’t promising, so I loaded XP, then ran some video on 7. That video will be up next week.

Last week, the band played the Flake Out Fest. It was a lot of fun. They did some cool snow sculptures, including a big bottle of . We got some pictures of that. I enjoy playing because it lets me show my in another way. Best part is I get to bang on .

Been reading a new book – Getting Business to come to you. I realized my first goal is to get 305 million to know who Geekazine is. Actually, I took a small slice of that – 250,000. It’s the in the area. If anyone wants to help with that, let me know.

That’s it for now. More videos up this weekend. Let me know which ones you like and which ones you don’t.

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