A Personal Apology to All…

I am now closing a 3rd week of being sick. The interesting part is it’s not the same symptoms as when first got sick 3 weeks ago. This last week has been a lot of coughing – otherwise, I feel drained, but fine. Although I am not a doctor (nor play one on TV), I do believe it’s Acute Bronchitis, in which the results would be to drink liquids, vaporize and let mother nature do the rest. I have upped my vitamin intake, too.

Anywho, this illness has stopped me from doing a lot of things, like last weeks “Week in Tech History” and this weeks Video review section. I know it’s starting so subside (I can actually lie down to sleep now), so I believe it’s taking it’s natural course.

I looked back at all the articles I wrote in the last couple weeks and it really does sound like a broken record. For that I have to apologize. I really don’t want to subject you to stuff like that – although I will mention it  from time to time.

I will make a concerned effort at this point to not mention to much about being ill. I am also working on making sure no future Podcasts or Quickcasts will be missed.

Thanks to all that did bear with me in the last couple weeks. Now it’s time to bear down and get the content out. Prepare for CES and hit the floor running.

Also, thanks for all that gave “get well” wishes. I appreciate that.

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