Ramblings – 1-17-09 – Catch Up From Trip

It’s interesting how much work I not only had to catch up on, but also the work I created. The trip was fabulous – it took me to a place I have never been before. In all reality, I have never wanted to go to . The sounds of a casino can get annoying after a while for me. Yet, it really wasn’t as bad as I thought.

We stayed at the – which I have to say I was not impressed with at all. Todd is campaigning the fact that the $14 – a – night was not great. While I agree with him, I had some other issues that really make me want to not stay there.

I actually changed rooms during the stay. The construction of their Civic Center was annoying (which I know is not their fault, but really – who drops at 5 AM on a Saturday or Sunday morning? That could have been done during the week). The reason why I moved rooms was initially because of two things – 1. They said the internet would be faster in another room (yeah, right) and when the other rooms took a shower, I would hear loud rattling by the pipes.The move to the next room subsided the pipe rattling, but you could hear the water draining no matter what room you were in.

Both rooms had semi-plugged drains – which meant the water backed up because it couldn’t drain properly. This is something I am very critical about. In the first room it was the sink, which wasn’t too bad. The second room was the : That made me annoyed.

Add to it the in the 2nd room did not flush and there was mold on the shower walls. Yes, mold – And all it needs is a good brushing and washing. Now the crew took care of all these issues, but it was still annoying and I shouldn’t have to see that. Add to that, we complained a couple times since things didn’t get done the first time and upon the 2nd complaint, we were told “Well, nobody has called with these issues yet”….

OK. I really can go on about the Hotel, but you know – it will really spoil the whole day and there were so many good things that came out of CES.

First – the first there, the cabbie came from Madison, WI. We had a lot to talk about and it made me feel at home.

Second – CNTR STG. What a Godsend that was! This is a suite over at the Wynn where bloggers could get together, relax and get their articles ready for posting. We pushed a bunch of video there because of the bandwidth. Props to them!

Third – NBC Universal. Last day of CES, we had another place to upload video. Their pipe was a lot bigger. Video uploaded in 2 minutes each!

Fourth – Blogger and Reporter Room at CES. Another great place to meet up with people and post content to the interweb. I met so many people at these 3 places it was unbelievable. Which brings me to my next point:

Fifth – the People. WOW! Usually at these events you run into sarcasm, ill-feelings and a lot more. NOT HERE. Everyone I met was cool and awesome to talk to. The cabbies, the doormen, the reporters and bloggers, presenters – EVERYONE was calm and happy to talk to you. There must be something in the water there…

I could go on and on, but there is a lot more to talk about. I’d like to thank all the new viewers that are coming to the site. It looks like January is going to surpass last months’ views and it’s only the middle of the month! The Podcast and Quickcast numbers have gone up, so welcome to all the new listeners.

The LIVE Show was a short one as we had a cancellation and Brian had to go on location. It was OK with me because the Jet lag was present. I think that kept on until Wednesday. I listened to the podcast last week and realized how lagged I was. UGH!

The rest of the week was just catching up on other work. But the Crazy COLD weather really didn’t help. -15 with a wind chill of -40. Not as cold as people get in Alaska, but still it’s a dangerous cold. Today is 22 and snow. My business partner (another project) got in a car accident on Wed. He’s ok, but still a little jostled – and his new Jeep is pretty much toast.

I did get a letter in the mail yesterday. JURY DUTY! More on that later….

Today I got an early start. I had a lot to do. Today we have a Techpodcasts Roundtable on CES with Andy McCaskey and Todd Cochrane. Tonight I play at Flake out Fest in the Wisconsin Dells with the band. So I have a full plate.

I think that’s all my brain can wring out. Still have to get the Quickcast – Week in Tech History ready for Sunday. Lots to do.

Oh yeah. Mondays’ my Birthday. Probably no LIVE Show that evening.

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