Ramblings 10-04-08 – One Year Old

This week was a special one for Geekazine. The main podcast – which pretty much started the site – started up one year ago. I talked about it on the Podcast – it feels good to have worked on something for 52 weeks and eventually create a great website in Geekazine.

Now while the Podcast is one year old, Geekazine still has a few weeks to go. That launched on November 7th, 2007. We’ll be highlighting that, too.

Today I spent most of the day mixing sound for a band. It was nice to work and get done before the Sun went down. Now I’m tired and still have a good night of partying left. I guess I’ll have to be a trooper and buck up, eh?

LIVE Show was pretty good. We talked about a lot of issues. Of course, the Podcast was pretty cool, celebrating the 1 year anniversary and all.

We talked with a couple people this week. Wednesday I posted the interview with Walt Ribeiro and I also conducted an interview for another Quickcast next week. I will also be starting a new segment in the Quickcast so there will be a lot more shows next week.

Still looking for Sponsorship for CES. If you are a business, give me a call – we’ll work out a deal where you will be part of the videos we produce.

Also officially posted the drive with the Salvation Army this week. Help out people who lost their homes to weather or get a coat for a child. You can find that information under the “About” tab.

Baseball fever has hit as the playoffs started. The Milwaukee Brewers are in the series, as well as the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox. It’s a real Midwest Affair. Of course, my stance is “It’s Football season” but I am watching the games.

Anywho, that’s it for now. Watch for the special interviews this week and keep tuned in for all the happenings at the website.

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