Ramblings – 10-11-08 – Goodbye Aunt Edie, WP-Cache

The first goes out to my Aunt Edie. She passed away earlier this morning. I got to spend some time with her one summer when I was in grade school. At the time she owned an actual food concessions trailer. She would drive it to each location and serve the workers , then close up and drive on back home. I learned how to play backgammon from Edie.

Later in life, Edie and Uncle Ed, along with the kids, moved to a horse farm North-East of here. We had a few family get-togethers at the farm. The horses were being raised for the Kentucky derby, so they were rigorously trained.

For that, I bid adeau to my aunt. She lived a solid life and taught me a few things. I won’t forget it.


Back to the regular . I ran into a big problem on the site today. I looked at the site via and I would continually get the message that the site reset. When I did get anything to load, it would only be a partial page that stopped halfway through the HTML.  BTW – Firefox loaded fine.

After a few hours of looking over debug programs and disabling themes and plugins, I found that WP-cache had created a file – like it said it does – that cached the site, but it wouldn’t release. I realized it when I completely removed the main theme, and everytime I reloaded the site, it would show that theme without pause.

Suffice it to say, I was a little hesitant putting WP-Cache on. It really is a great concept, but when it goes wrong, things REALLY go wrong. I decided to take off WP-Cache for now.

Sorry about the LIVE Show – I picked up a and they needed my expertise at that time. I actually did about 3 different last week and they really ate into the schedule. Tuesday was a very long day since the needed to be done AND I needed to get the Matt Dworkin out.

Speaking of which, go listen to the interview and comment. Everyone who does will be entered for 1 of 2 chances to win a $25 gift certificate to . Can’t go wrong there – get yourself a cool new gadget or something. It also makes a great holiday gift to a certain Geek website (hint, hint).

The other interview started the segment “Technology and Politics”. We talked with Adam Beeson about funds recieved electronically. He talked about what a candidate has to do to account for funding and we even went over some ways for candidates to take a proactive approach. Still working on the next episode which will deal with advertising on the Internet.

I recieved a comment this week about the podcast. It was suggested that I am not technical enough in the show. I will be reading the email on the main podcast and polling the audience of where we should go with the news articles.

Friday I got together with Josh Chandler of Technology Gazette. We talked about a lot of happenings such as Digg, Apple and computing. That should come out sometime next week. When it does, I’ll let ya know.

I think that is it for now. Another big game for the Badgers, so I have to go get ready. LIVE Show this Monday.

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