Ramblings 10-18-08 – Where’s the Pretzels?

Yummy, yummy low fat honey glazed twist pretzels. I think I ate a whole bag of em on Thursday and I want more. It was all Sunspots’ fault. They Put out a new song “Path of Most Resistance”. Check them out in the video below:

Path of Most Resistance

The Laptop decided to on Thursday, which threw off my schedule. I got it back up and running and all data backed up off it. I have been trying to get back on track, but I did miss the Friday edition of WITH. I think I am back to somewhat-normalcy.

The “Technology in Politics” segment is working out really well. We had another great discussion this week and next week we’ll continue on with this great little spot. If you haven’t heard the Quickcast, check them out on the .

The other we did this week was from Technibble. We talked about the . We are giving one away, so you should go and comment on the pod.

We also gave away the 2 Best Buys cards last week for the Matt interview. Lots of great feedback, yet only two commenters. Interesting.

The LIVE Show will have a newer feel to it on Monday as I have been working on a new box. Because of the update I created a couple new videos in the Video Pod series. I tried transferring from to but it doesn’t seem to be working right. I’ll have them up soon.

If you are on http://Geeks.pirillo.com – remember to add me as a friend. http://geeks.pirillo.com/profile/JeffreyPowers

It’s been an interesting week and just an hour ago I had an AT&T rep at my door. I am going to talk about it over on GNC tomorrow. For now, gotta go. Rock star status is calling me.

BTW – if you haven’t seen this and you are a MST3K fan: you should.

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