Ramblings 11-08-08 – Media Mad Dash

As you know, my media has been down for a while. I have kept Quickcasts relavant, but the first 52 Podcasts have been taken down until the hunt for a new has been found. It was a hard decision, but it had to be done.

Well I am happy to announce I have all the media loaded up to the new server and am ready to reactivate it. I am taking this 1 step at at time because when I do it, the other podcasts might get affected. Therefore, I will be making plans tomorrow and hopefully by Monday this issue will be in the past.

Because of the Media move, I have registered a new Domain: JMPEnterprise.com. It’s my parent website. You will mostly be going to that site to get media and to inquire about my services.

The week has been busy. I helped a new website found at The Dry Bean (.com). I have another website launch in the next few days. I was called to talk about a , but I never got a follow up call. I think it’s just a cat and mouse here, so I might be doing a new contract. I don’t plan on not putting out less content on the site BTW.

Dorkazine has been doing pretty well. I need some more cool dorky sites, so if you know of any, please let me know. The Dorkier, the better.

Playing tonight – I am dragging because of last night. I uploaded all shows which took 6 hours. Since I was uploading, I thought I would download all my content and put it onto DVD’s, so I have a copy. Of course, that wasn’t too fast, either. I only have half downloaded.

My Truck has some headlamp issues – it keeps blowing the . I have to get a new harness for the light which I believe will only be at the dealer. Not a big deal to go there. I plan to be installing myself, though.

Got a new Digital camera: A Kodak Easyshare. Well, technically it’s new – my other camera was a 2.0 Megapixel from 2002. It really does still have some qualities the other don’t have. But the Easyshare is a 8 and the price was right. I just need to get for it.

I’ve been putting together more computers this week than any other. Today it was working on a laptop that had a bad hard drive. Tomorrow it’s working on a PC we will be deploying on a site.

Still looking for CES sponsors. Great opportunity for a company that needs low cost advertising. If you know of anyone who can help, please let me know.

I think that’s it for now. Tomorrow I will be online for the Podcaster Awards. I might just do a couple more videos. That evening, I will be at dinner with the Web608 group. Depending on how much I transfer over, we may be skipping WITH this week. I will try my best to get it out.

Until next time. Signing out.

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