Ramblings 3-07-09 – Sundance Theater Edition

Another week has gone by. It was a fun one but also just bland. In fact, I am trying to think back to the week, and having a remembering what happened. I know that once I start writing I’ll remember. Then there is the “oh carps bait! I forgot to talk about this”…

First of all, to for making the move on. He’s got a great group following him, so whatever he does will be pretty successful. It would be fun just to spend a day with him and see what and how he does it.

Of course I commented that if he ever wants to do something for Geekazine, he is always welcome. I know it’s a long shot, but sometimes you have to do that. After all, Gene Roddenberry got his start by taping his on a pizza box.

I have been thinking about when the revival of the LIVE SHOW will be. I need to start thinking about how I want to do this encarnation and if it works with my schedule. That was the biggest issue – Mondays worked about a year ago, but now it seems I’ve got more work to do. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

There have been more positive comments on how I’ve been working the Podcast. People like the . Not that I haven’t tried to be animated in the past, just that I wanted to tone it down. I didn’t want it to turn into any type of . I would love to be able to do my show in a where there is a bit of . Maybe I’ll talk to some shops around town.

Speaking of which, I am currently at the Sundance Theatre in Madison WI. It is one of Robert Redfords’ . This is the first time I’ve been here and really enjoy the . It’s a ways from where I live, so I probably won’t come here a lot, but I might just find a way over here again.

The videos are getting toward the end. We have one more week of videos, then it’s back to regular content. Therefore, I have to work on ramping up all the review items I have been sent. I ran through the initial tests of how I am going to record the videos. So far, so good.

This week has been a musical one for me. With the end of FAWM (Feb. Album Writing Month), it was good to set down the guitar and listen to the music that was created this last month. Always amazes me what people can put out in less than a day.

Today I was at the Middleton Youth Center Benefit, where I got to see some great bands play. Sunspot, Lucas Cates and a band I featured on Geekazine – “Part Time Carnies”. Wish I would have been able to stay a little longer, but tonight i play with the band. We are at Devils Head for “Caribbean Night”.

As I was recording “Week in tech history” yesterday, I realized that I have been doing this for a year now. I told myself that after a year I would change things up a bit. I am going to give it a few more weeks (The first month or so was shaky last year as I was collecting information). If you have any ideas, let me know.

Thomas posted a cool video of the Madison Model Railroad show over on Dorkazine. He goes to that every year and thought it would be cool to record. You can check that out over at Dorkazine.

Frank has also been hard at work with all his articles. Of course, you can also find him over at http://www.pineviewfarm.net/. He will be working with different flavors of Linux, so it will be cool to see the next version.

Speaking of which, I am currently reloading the new podcast machine. The idea was to put on a Windows side and a Ubuntu Studio side. I went to install studio and for some reason it was being difficult. What was weird was I already had Studio installed on that machine, but decided to remove it so I could re-partition the drive and install Windows. Once I start doing that again I will post the status.

I did update all the web sites this week. Everything is on WordPress 2.7.1. I also downloaded and tested out Drupal to see how it works and if I understand it better than Joomla. I find that one program might get confusing to one whereas another makes more sense. Personal preference, I guess.

Now it all seems to be flowing and I have to get going. I think I’ve covered the majority of it. I have to go and eat Spaghetti, then play music. Yum. 2 videos for tomorrow, then Week in Tech History.

Thanks for reading.

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