Ramblings 3-21-09 – Where was I last week?

So last week on Thurs. I got sick. Didn’t think much of it, took some and slept the day. That night I was feeling much better, but Friday was a different story.

That night I was ok and Saturday I was good until I wasn’t. We did a show and when I got home, I knew it was something more.

Sunday was a blur. Monday was a semi-blur.

is I barely got the out and that was it. By Friday I still felt a little woozy, but a lot better. I won’t be running the marathon any time soon….

Earlier today I did another roundtable with Andy and Todd for the Techpodcasts Network. I talked about and EQing for a podcaster. Tom came on with Corp about soundproofing and Georgia talked about Oreilley school. It was a great hour of learning.

I worked on some video just after the show. I got a new device that wasn’t working the way I expected in the system. I’ll get it going and start pushing product video next week.

Frank has been a big help this last week. He’s kept the site going with information whilst I was out. to Frank!

Thats’ it for now. This weekend is going to be quiet, but then next week will be chuck full of fun.

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