Ramblings – 4-11-09 – Site Down, Site Up

This last weekend was a of a ride. Last week we saw some issues with the site when I cleaned up the system. For some reason, the mySQL was going off the charts. Therefore the Service Provider decided to counter by putting the whole site into a 403 error. Both Geekazine and Dorkazine were affected, as well as a couple other sites I run on this host.

We worked hard at it and the problem fixed itself, at least that is what the support agent told me. At any rate, the system was fixed and I was able to get shows up.

Or not.

I couldn’t put out the weekly because the media hosting server was down. ACK! This is a seperate provider that hosts all my Podcasts. It was a fluke, but when you rely on that day for everything to be right – when it doesn’t go right – you get a little nervous.

At any rate, the site is back up and running. No problems and no high mySQL process. Whew!

A couple of you apparently saw this and made note of it. Late last night I ran a little test. It was live on the site for about 5 minutes. I got the data I was looking for, but it has been a BUGGER of a time getting it ready.

Speaking of which, I posted a new page today called “Secret”. It’s the Geekazine . It’s not that easy to get into. You might need to keep your open for a clue to get you into the page. If you can get in, comment on what you see and you will be in the for an iHome IHM3.

This week has been work related in my other endeavors. Although it has been long days, the fruits of that labor are starting to pay off. Band had off this weekend as Troye is Base Jumping in the Andes. I think we need to talk to him when he gets back…

That is pretty much it. You all have a great Easter weekend!

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