Ramblings – 5-03-08

I’ve been looking at the site and noticed that for a semi-bloggish atmosphere, I have no Blog stuff on here. Mostly News and Podcasts. So I decided to practice the art of self-humility and talk about the things happening in life for the past week. I call it “”.

Live show was awesome. I am not just saying that to promote, it really was. Although we didn’t get to 20 people, the ones that were there were interactive and fun. This week I upped it to 25 people. If 25 are watching and chatting, then I’ll be giving away a gift certificate. I got a great idea for how to do that, so you have to be present to participate.

Tuesday was the . I had just reworked the sound and still wasn’t too happy on the results. I then made one major change, and that seemed to change the whole spectrum. The best part is the sound was a lot better. Still not at what I am looking for, but it’s a great step in the right direction.

Wednesday I had an interesting start of a new client. They called and asked me to call them back. No explaination, just “Call me back”. I called back and left a voicemail. No response. I am not complaining, just asking that the person get back to me and let me know if they still need my assistance.

Friday as I went to the gym, I decided to stop at McD’s first. I know what your thinking – Oxymoronic, right? Well, if you go to the gym first thing, you are told you should eat first. I also take a suppliment that requires you to eat beforehand. Usually I have a protein breakfast – egg sandwich or even PBJ. But every now and then I go for a McSkillet Burrito. They rock.

Anywho, I get to the McD, and order the burrito and chocolate milk. I eat said burrito. MMMMM good. I go to the milk, and notice it’s already been opened. Not only that, but someone has drank out of it.

I went back to that McD and talked with the Shift Manager. She was nice and ended up giving me a free meal. Thanks.

The site has seen some great advances. I am really working on the new redesign, but every now and then get confused on how DIV ID’s work with CSS. I think I got the header working right, and am moving on to the 2nd header. I think you will really enjoy the look of this redesign.

The Win a  or iPod contest finished on Wed. I only got 18 comments, which is good, but interestingly low to what I expected. I hope that the next contest will bring more people. If anyone wants to help with the contest, please let me know.

Spent most of Friday on Bwana’s site. I finally got my Wyldryde password worked out. Hung out and Bantored while Bwana played some game on the Wii.

I have 4 MySpace profiles. My main one, one for Geekazine, one for my WIBands website and one for my music. On Friday, the main one was glitched. It’s still there, but the URL is all messed up. You have to go into Myspace, find a friend with my profile, then go there, or do my id number in the URL.

I contacted MySpace, and they came back with an email stating I must make a “Salute”, which is a picture of me holding up a piece of paper with my ID number and the word “MySpace.com” on it. I did that and sent it in. I was then informed that this is a glitch and they are working on it. Hopefully it will get resolved soon, not that it’s a big deal, but it does affect the url.

The .tv PC is down right now. Yesterday I found a issue with it, and I wanted to try something different. I won’t say what just yet, but I am reading up on doing some tweaks to the machine.

I had to stop because I was asked to work on a computer to clean it up. The computer had 4 different spyware programs on it. They didn’t look Kosher, so I am currently removing software. Fun….

This week I noticed that when I post, my twitter updates – which is a plugin I installed. However, if I post something that posts later (like the podcast), the twitter goes out, but nobody can see the page unless they have admin privledges (which is, well… me.). I will be more aware of this, but I want to twitter when a new post is available. Hopefully there is a way….

Finished Showtimes’ series “Weeds” Season 3. Wasn’t too impressed on the season ending but still can’t wait for more. Also watched “Californication”, which is an interesting show altogether. It got renewed for next year, so it would be interesting to see what happens next.

Finished the Medium series on III. What can I say – I’m slow on video games. Yet I only play them once in a while. I should get back to 4, which I am getting into.

Checked out the DXG-569 HD Camcorder today. Pretty small camera. Quality looked good. Not sure if it’s something I can use with the ustream channel yet. Little more research before I buy, but I might just also get a regular DV camera because they’re dropping in price, too. We’ll see

That’s pretty much it for now. More next week. Let me know if you read this by commenting below. Let me know if I also should continue this part, or anything about the site.

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