Ramblings – 5-23-09 – Bratfest

Just got done playing Bratfest – a of and to raise for various . All the bands donate their time and our band was no different. We had a lot of fun and it was officially our first big stage show of the season.

I am packing. Moving to a new place – TBD. Yep, in 5 days I have to be moved out of my place. The on the new is not set, but these things work themselves out. Podcasts will go on as scheduled and so should ‘Week in Tech History’.

The video is getting a new home. http://www.tvazine.com is where you can get all the Geekazine Video. We have signed up with Mevio to host all our video. Once I get , we will be putting up a lot more. TVazine is the newest part of the Geekazine portal. And there is still one more new site coming real soon!

That’s it for now. I had a lull between Holiday shows, so I thought I would put this out. For all that celebrate, have a safe weekend and we’ll see you when you get back from the cookout. Eat !

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