Ramblings 6-21-08

Well it’s the end of another week and here I go again on my own. Going down the only road I… well, you know the rest.

This week has been fun. The Live Show on Monday was another awesome one. We had a lot of fun and talked about a lot of stuff. Epiconline, Brokenshovel, Dan and the Salsa brothers made it interesting. Not to mention a lot of others that stopped by to say hi.

Later in the week I got an interesting phone call. I cannot say much about it but I will say that it can be very helpful in future Live show episodes. Another great reason to watch.

Speaking of which, ustream.tv contacted me in saying it’s going to try “Unabtrusive advertising”. Basically it’s a closable ad that will pop up when you start watching the cast. I am not against the ads – ustream does a lot in helping me and many other streamers out. We are going to talk about it in detail this week and one lucky person will be getting a gift certificate from all those who watch the show.

While I’m on the subject of Gift Certificates, we are working with Accessorygeeks.com to give you some gift certificates to their great site. All you have to do is call the hotline (608-205-4378) and comment on the Podcast. Remember – you must comment on what I talk about, not just say “Great show”.

Sound Issues: In the last few weeks I have been really trying to get this sound issue figured out. Everytime I record a show it doesn’t sound that great. I end up putting major compression, gate and EQ effects to counter, but it’s still not to where I like it. I changed the mic on Wednesday, and it made a world of difference. It’s still not to where I like it, but it is getting better.

This week I’ve been playin music like a Mad fool. Last Sunday I was doing a solo guitar act at a graduation party, and this weekend it’s drums with the Trailer Kings. Last night was awesome – we pulled out songs that I never thought I would get to play. Tonight I will be playing in the Wisconsin Dells at a place called the “Baja Cantina” – just off the main strip. Come on down if you are in the area.

Welcome to Summer: Yesterday marked the first day of Summer. It’s always a great time to be in Wisconsin in the Summer. Lots to do and many bands to see. Last week we had the major amounts of rain and that closed the main interstate for most of the week. Everything is starting to open back up, but it’s still slow getting around.

I had a friend lose her apartment due to flooding. She had to rip up the carpeting – which should have been the landlords job but he didn’t do it. She is now trying to get a new place because she cannot live in the apartment in it’s condition. She’s hoping FEMA will be able to help out: All she needs is a security deposit and first months’ rent (as well as a couple pieces of furniture since her and her kids’ stuff got all wet). Hopefully she will get back on her feet real quick.

Another friend moved today. I helped her get stuff into her new apartment. It’s nice when there’s not that much stuff to move in. It makes the move a lot faster. I wish I could say the same thing for myself – alas poor yorrik, I don’t move well.

The other business moved slow this week. I got some work done, but time just wasn’t on my side this week. Talking with new prospective clients and dealing with the taxes (yes, they are still a problem but I think I got that all worked out. We’ll see). Then there is just the “It’s summer and I should be a little more lazy” factor. But I don’t want to do that even though my body is telling me otherwise. I need more potassium in my diet – And lots of water.

I commented on an article during my podcast that said a writer cannot be a blogger. I think otherwise. This, here is a blog. The article on the Voting machines is not a blog. My Podcast is neither. I don’t see the stigma in “Blogging”. In the TV show “Californication” on Shotime David Duchovney played a writer that was forced to blog for a popular website. He hated it.

Anyway – I won’t go too much on a rant since this is a Blog. It’s too nice of a day to rant.

This week shows even more promise than last. I will be doing the 5 minute show: This Week in Tech History late Sunday night since I am playing Sunday afternoon. The LIVE Show is still at 7PM on Monday so tune in for that and maybe some special announcements. We will be talking about ustream.

See you next time.

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