Ramblings 7-05-08

Gonna keep this short this week because I’m on a time crunch. This week was purely awesome for this is the first time I phisically saw growth on the website. Thanks to Fred from Careersaver for helping out on that.

LIVE SHOW was awesome as always. Recorded for posterity (or for evidence, whatever you might want to believe). Tuesday’s Podcast was also great. I ended up getting an interesting request about the podcast in which I can’t really reveal, but if it comes to fruition I will be really suprised.

Wednesday and Thursday were straight up runaround days. I got more done in those two day then normal. Of course I wanted to have Friday off (mostly) because of it being the 4th. I had to play with the Trailer Kings that night, but I don’t call that work. We played at Shipwreck Bay on Lake Castle Rock in Mauston. It was packed and tons of fun. Of course we are at it again in the Wisconsin Dells at the Baja.

Thursday I was at the Car dealership for 6 hours getting my car fixed. Wasn’t too happy about the 6 hour layover, since it was only going to originally be 3 and they really were not up front about the extra 3 hours. Their Wifi connection was horrible – they blocked everything. No email, no Twitter or Plurk, no Fark or Digg. Heck, if it was a Web 2.0 site, forget it. I ended up going to the local Panera Bread to get work done.

HERE’S A TIP – If you offer Wifi to customers, don’t tie them down with lots of restrictions. If you tie the Wifi in with your Network, learn how to seperate the two securely.

The best part out of the experience is that I got free tires. It was a promotion when I bought the car. $600 tires for $535 worth of fixes, including a Tie Rod that was ready to go. It frustrating, but I am really glad I wasn’t putting down the road when that Tie Rod decided to go.

I built a couple machines this week including an Ubuntu 8.04 PC. I really like how Ubuntu installs, but then it doesn’t really get intuative on post configuration. A lot of it still has to be done in Terminal. It’s not a standard users’ machine yet, and it really should be looked at so a child or teacher can easily fix a problem.

OK, I think that’s it for this week. LIVE SHOW on Monday at 7 PM EST. Let’s talk about computers. What should you look for in a new one. Also, 5 min show on Monday and Podcast for Wed.

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