Ramblings – 7-12-08

I feel like I just wrote one of these….

The week went fast, and we got a lot done. It was awesome to see the numbers start to increase on the site. I cannot believe how many countries are reading the pages.

I’ve been working on another web page for a client and I have to say, every time I have to deal with CSS I want to strangle something. If you don’t have the code pristine or if you have one area contradicting another then the whole design goes to the pot. I got a majority of it done now, just have to clean up the CSS. But it’s pretty annoying.

This week’s live show was slow, but still fun. We got to talk about some good subjects. I like the idea of a Topic, so we’ll do a topic this Monday as well.

The Podcasts are going great, but not hearing much feedback from them. Remember – if you call and comment (608-205-4378), you will be in a drawing for a gift card from accessorygeeks.com. They have some great items to accentuate your cell phone, PDA or other mobile device.

Fred at CareerSaver has been continuing to get out the word. For an IT pro, getting certified is important. I have Certifications myself and they’ve only helped me not only get the job, but also resolve issues quicker and easier.

The sister site: Dorkazine, has been seeing some traffic. I made a plan and started putting up new content on the site. It will be sporradic as I figure out a schedule and I still have to re-adjust the web page. Expect that to go full boar in the next couple weeks though.

My Musical life has had me playing a few times this week. Last minute show on Wed night made for a good time. I have also been working on one of my originals and getting it mixed down to a decent sound. Once that is done I will put it up on MySpace.

FEDRALS CAME IN!!! Late Friday I found out the feds were deposited. And not at a better time. I am ready and rock and roll for the next month – the month after, I don’t know.

That’s it for now. Big day today. Been working on projects – have to go meet with someone about some pictures. Bret Michaels is in town and we’ve been working on some videos for the promoter. There is a special VIP AfterShow party tonight which I’ll have to miss because I am playing. Not a big deal since I’ve met Bret Michaels before.

Remember – LIVE SHOW on Monday 7 PM EST.

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