Ramblings – 7-19-08

Another week is over. It was a fun week and also a disappointing one. Lots of stuff happened and it’s cool but there is more I wish would happen.

The LIVE SHOW came with some new faces. We talked about a lot of cool stuff and it was neat to have a different cast in the chat. Thanks for all that stopped out and made it a great show.

The podcast was a little rushed, but I did get an awesome comment from Brie. She said that the podcast had different material than what she normally hears. That’s good to know because I really scour the websites looking for other material. I know I have a long way to go on where I am satisfied with the cast. I will continue to find stuff that really talks about what’s going on out there.

Since my taxes are coming in I can finally catch up on some stuff. Still, August is coming really fast and the same issues will be coming around really quick. I am hoping that I can continue to push out lots of quality information on the site.

Brokenshovel found a problem with the site and it’s registration. I fixed it pretty quickly so you can register again. We get a lot of people coming to the website, but no real comments coming in. Not sure why that is. Maybe I need to push more content in a different direction.

Speaking of which, I wrote an article on GeekNewsCentral that got a few people up in arms. It was over the Psystar/Apple lawsuit. I basically said that Apple’s lawsuit is too mean and although they should get compensation for it, their demands are a little too much. I also said that a lot of customers are going to lose out if the recall happens, which I believe is not good for Apple.

A lot of comments came through on that article. One I always laugh at seeing is the comment where someone tries to compare it to something that really doesn’t apply. Still, I value all opinions and hopefully they can see what I said. There is a lot of legal mumbo-jumbo that needs to be worked out, but I still think Apple needs to look at this and give customers a machine that is lower in price and customizable.

I was also on the Technology Gazzette on Thursday. It was a fun conversation with Josh Chandler and I hope we can talk again in the future.

The dissapointment comes from my weekend. I usually go to what we call “Barn Bash”, an event where we get a few bands on a friends farm and just have a party during the weekend. On Saturday I played a benefit for flood victims, and it put a wrench in my plans. I enjoyed playing the show, I just made the hard decision to not attend – especially since we played unitl 5:30 PM and it would take 3-4 hours to get home, switch everything around and head up there. I wouldn’t have arrived until 10 PM. Hopefully it was a memorable weekend for those who did attend.

Started a new series on Bitstrips called “I pity the fool”. I created a Mr T comic and just having fun with it. Feel free to stop over to bitstrips.com and check it out.

This week will be just as intense and I am really looking forward to it. I did a lot of work with getting a network rolling. Fred has helped emmensly and I thank him for that. I really want to get out the information you need and so any feedback is important to me.

That is it for now. Monday we’ll be on ustream talking about whats going on in the world, so feel free to stop by.

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