Ramblings – 8-02-08 – Dark Knight Edition

I just got back from The Dark Knight and I have to say I now know why this movie has sold out IMAX and shattered records for 2 weeks now. I was completely floored to see this movie and I really liked a lot about it. They left no stone unturned and gave you a show that is worth paying another $13 a ticket to see on the big screen.

I did see some problems with the movie: The biggest was timing. Let the audience know that something is going to happen before it does type timing. Without giving anything away, we’ll just leave it at that. Still this was a minor issue compared to the whole movie itself.

Another thing to watch out for is the sound. In the IMAX it can get pretty loud. With some of the voices being low and growly, especially Batman’s, you might lose some conversation to the music. Once again: not a big issue, but might be noticable from time to time.

Like I said, it was worth the $20 for ticket, Buncha Crunch and Orange ICEE.

Another cool Batman thing that happened to me was I received 2 nicely rolled up posters from the original Batman movie (Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton). These were movie release posters and I was surprised to find they have no tape marks, no pin holes or no rips to them. They were even in the shipping tube sent to them in 1989. So it was a great week for Batman…

The rest of the week went good and bad. Monday’s LIVE SHOW was short because of other plans. We will however have an XXL show this MONDAY at 7 PM to make up for it. We’ll just keep going until everyone goes off to bed. 3 hours? 4 hours? Maybe I’ll go a full 24….. I better stock up on Mountain Dew and Aquafina Grape Flavor Splash.

Getting some good feedback on the new setup of the Podcast. I am working on some more, so stick tight. Also the 5 minute show has been picking up steam with the new segment “Get Certified”.

Speaking of which, a couple of you have tried the code and it didn’t work. I talked to CareerSaver and found out it’s because the code is suppose to be GEEK08. I have changed the graphic on the page to match. If you’ve tried to checkout with “GEEKAZINE”, please change that to GEEK08.

I’m on weekend 2 of not playing. It’s Saturday night and I don’t know what to do with myself. I did do an acoustic show Thursday night which helps, but I need to be behind the drumset bad…. Going through musician withdrawl….

Dorkazine continues to gain some speed. Been really posting new stuff over there, so check it out and also suggest some stuff. The more I have, the bigger Dorkazine can get.

The main puter became crabby this week. I knew it was coming. I’ve actually had this machine for a couple years now. I implemented a new policy: no new machines until the new machine can double what the current one does. Only exception would be if I was given a new PC.

I have a 3 gig system (Hyperthreaded). So that means the next machine has to be 6 gig processor (Dual 3gig core or Dual Quad 1.5 gig or better – which is fast approaching). The NTDLL.dll file caused problems, which I could run a repair on, but I felt it would be better to clean up the machine and fresh install. I have finished the main installation and am starting the vast amount of programs that go back into the machine.

Since I didn’t wipe the drive, I am pulling out the old data piece by piece. It’s not that difficult and I can easily copy settings back in if I just import the old back into the new after install. Least amount of difference, right?

Anywho, I better get back to that. Still have some work to do on that front. Talk to ya’ll later! Oh, and keep an eye out – I am going to implement a new segment on Geekazine this week. Should be fun!

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