Ramblings 8-09-08 – Computer is Fixed

Another long weekend of playing, so I am writing this early. We got two shows on Saturday and Sunday I’ll be getting the week’s podcasts out. It will be a fun, but long weekend.

Last week I proactively took down my main PC. It was due for some reloading. I put in another hard drive and started to reload. Halfway through the process the hard drive died – Go figure. I put in another drive and reloaded it. The computer is not at 100%, but it is useable which is what I am using to blog on now.

Because of different jobs I didn’t have time to put out a Thursday 5 minute show. I am going to proactively change that so that won’t happen again. I am looking for future topics – if there is something that should be talked about, let me know.

I put out my first Press Release. YAY! I am planning on joining the group at CES in January and looking for a sponsor. This will be someone that will also sponsor the 5 minute show – CES style segment. This will be a segment running a few weeks just after CES to highlight some of the cool stuff out there. I figure it will be half audio, half video. Anyone that would like to sponsor the trip, please let me know.

We are also looking for people to invest, and at least 1 other person that wants to start writing articles for Geekazine. Nothing fancy – just a couple items a week to really enhance the website. You will also be able to submit articles for Dorkazine. Grow with the Geeks!

The LIVE SHOW was very low key because of the down computer. One of the goals is to bring the show back up and make it more interactive. I never really liked just sitting at the desk. To be able to move around and show off gadgets has always been the goal. Maybe we’ll even try a Cohost option.

Podcast was done outside this week. It was a little hissy from the wind, but I felt it went well. No negative feedback yet (crosses fingers). If conditions are good, we’ll try it again this week.

We got some cool things coming down the pike. Stick around for them. Feel free to call or email – even call to read off an article and I’ll put it in the show. I’ll most likely be offline for the next 24 hours. See you on the flip side.

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