Ramblings – 8-20-08 – The Switch to PowerPress

Today was suppose to be a relaxing day. I was going to catch up on work and get items ready for next week. I ran into an article on security which I decided to read.

In the article, they suggested to convert my tables from wp_ to something else. I thought that would be a pretty straightforward process. I backed up my MySQL database, then changed the SQL to the new prefix. I Imported those tables straight into the same database – basically it doubled the size of the table, but I had a safeguard to go back to.

Going back into Geekazine, everything seemed to work well. I was able to bring back all the plugins and all the pages were working just fine. However, the audio podcasts were not redirecting. I went into PodPress and changed the URI back to the correct one. It wouldn’t hold – went right back to the other URI.

I tried to figure out what was going on. I went up to Mighty Seeks website. The Forum was down. Did some Google searches. No information I can use. All other Plugins seemed to be working without issue.Went into the Database and even removed all the table information for Podpress. No change.

To make a long story even longer, I decided to switch over to PowerPress. It’s a plugin and I want to support the group that supports me.

Well, the biggest issue is that I have 2 podcasts with over 130 posts. Both widgets were  not really designed for websites with multiple Podcasts. Nonetheless, I converted to the new Plugin.

For the most part it worked pretty well. I had to go back and input all the 5 minute / Quickcast show audio. It worked well with the Statistical program, too. I even was able to adjust the player to a width that works on my site (Thanks Angelo!).

Check out the Powerpress Player. ITM, if you listen to any of the Podcasts, please let me know if there are any problems.

Now back to the regularly scheduled Blog……

Like I said it was suppose to be a relaxing weekend. The Band wasn’t playing this weekend. Last night I went to see Days of the New. Sound wasn’t that great – band was good. A little too much jam band for me.

Early in the week I got sick. I completely lost my voice during “This Week in Tech History”. I actually had to split the show into 2 parts – 1 on Monday and 1 on Friday. I have been contemplating whether or not to make the show a daily event – however I liked the idea of twice a week. What do you think?

LIVE Show was cancelled because I was sleeping. The voice was a little better on Tuesday, but still not 100% as of today. Maybe tomorrow…

I think that’s it for now. Still have a lot of work to do. Alex (the dog) is sleeping on the couch. He snores. CSI is on TV. Maybe I’ll rent a movie tonight.

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