Ramblings – 8-23-08 – Interview on Quickcast this Week

At the beginning of the month I was concerned I wasn’t going to make the numbers I made in July. I had one story get a mini Digg and that gave some great stats for the day. The end result was a high monthly visit rate. So that made August the concern – after all, can I do something that can be that powerful?

Well, maybe there is.

I went to look at the stats for this month, and I found they are ready to match the July numbers and possibly surpass. Now there are 8 days left, but I can be optimistic, right?

The key is to put out an article that either no one else talks about or is just that prolific that people need to read on. But there is a third key.

Promotion, promotion, promotion.

I am going to do the first Geekazine interview on monday to post on Wed. I am very excited about this because we’ll have a great contest to run along with the interview. For those of you who are reading, I will give you a hint: You will have to post a comment to be eligable.

The LIVE Show was awesome once again. Every week we get someone new in the show to talk about stuff and it’s pretty cool. I enjoy meeting new people from all over. I have to admit I was thinking of taking a few weeks off until the weather changed, but after last monday, we are going to continue this great event.

We changed the name of the 5 minute show to the Geekazine Quickcast. We still have the same schedule – Mondays is “This week in tech history”, Tuesdays is “Get Certified” and Thursdays is “1 topic 5 minutes”. Wed will be the special interview.

On the home front, I’ve been doing a ton of playing. Since we’re coming up to the last couple weeks of summer here in Wisconsin, eveybody wants to get out and play. THe weather has been very cooperative which is great. We had an awesome show on Sunday and I expect to continue that tonight.

Last night I ran sound for 2 bands and a burlesque show. Basically, hit play on the CD player and adjust the mic (if needed). Of course the 2 bands gave me enough work to do, to. It’s nice to work off a good Allen and Heath board.

Anyway, it’s time to wrap up as I have to head south to a place called FINS in Edgerton. Great restaraunt and bar – the weather looks good enough to where we will be playing outside. Sweet.

Remember the Quickcast on Monday and Live show Monday evening at 7 PM.

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