Ramblings 8-30-08 – Football!

Writing this while watching the newly acquired Big Ten Network. Up until last week, Charter had not negotiated well with the new college football channel. Everybody expected to go to the bar and watch the game, but luckily last week they got some numbers hashed out and we now have the college football network.

Of course, this is Labor Day weekend, which also means the summer is winding down. Just a few more festivals and then everyone is going to pack it in and get ready for the cooler weather. The local “Halloween Express” store opened back up this week. Here in Madison it’s the “Taste of Madison”. Lots of food, music and fun. Oh yeah, and beer.

On Wednesday, I got a call from Frank of the band MSB – a local band that has 2 great albums out and a lot of fans. He called me in because their drummer hurt his foot. Not too bad, but enough to put this weekend in question. While I couldn’t help out on Saturday (playing the Baja with my band – the Trailer Kings), I was definitely able to help out on Friday. We played in Eagle WI for Knucklefest. Had a fun time, but it took a lot out of me as I just had a pounding headache at the end of the evening.

Since Monday is Labor Day, there will be no LIVE SHOW. Instead We’ll be hosting a big party. If you want to come, let me know. All other shows will happen.

REMEMBER: You have until Sunday at Midnight to sign up to win a 17 week pass to Pay the Fan and up to $250,000 dollars just for playing fantasy football. Your chances are really good for this. All you have to do is comment on the interview.

I think that’s it for now. Dogs are barking. No, really. We’ve got 2 dogs at the house with 2 cats. Can you say “Fun times”?

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