Ramblings 9-06-08 – Old Computer, New Computer

Took both dogs for a walk today. Have you ever tried to take two dogs for a walk? It’s a pain. The dog leashes tangle and if you try to untangle them, sometimes you accidentally drop the leash and then next thing you know – you’re running after the dog to make sure he’s not running out in traffic. Good thing I’ve been working out otherwise I wouldn’t have never caught up to him.

This week has been pretty interesting. Been working on a few websites; Last Wednesday I was digging through a pile of old PC’s putting together some good ones for a project I’m working on. In the pile was an AMD 64 and the motherboard was damaged because of a busted capacitor.

They threw away a perfectly good machine because of the problem. I would have got a new motherboard or even called the company to get the old one replaced. I suppose it’s easier just to get something newer.

There was no LIVE SHOW because of Labor day. We had a party here at the house. Good friends and a lot of beer. Someone brought over some Cabo Wabo Blanco. Yum!

Speaking of which, the band played last night and we’re going at it agian tonight. Weather looks good, but it is getting colder at night. Most likely be playing inside – oh well.

Got the Paythefan login setup. Didn’t get it in for this week but we’re gonna hit hard next week. The best part about this site is it doesn’t matter if we miss the first week.

Podcast episode 49 went rather rough as I stopped and restarted halfway through. It felt like you were listening to a musician that didn’t have their heart in the music. Hopefully the second time round sounds better.

But it does hit up to a milestone. Next week will be show #50. While I’ve done more than 50 podcasts in my life (the Quickcast is at 65 and my old shows pretty much put this number around 300) these are still good milestones to have.I am proud to put out 50 shows and plan to do 50, 100 and more.Thanks to all for downloading the show.

Halfway in this writing my laptop ran funky. I couldn’t access the internet at all for some reason. I had to reboot. Weird.

Anywho – that’s it for now. Gotta get moving. LIVE SHOW this Monday 7PM EST.

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