Ramblings 9-13-08

Last Festival of the year. We’re playing tonight in the Dells for what will most likely be my last outdoor gig of the year. It’s a little gloomy today, but it’s not too bad – Weather is not cold. It will be a great time tonight.

LIVE SHOW was great as we discussed a lot. Thanks to all the new viewers as well as the regulars for making another show great.

This week I spent some time with a new client. We installed our kits and got them up and running. The project is a Video Kiosk system – XEAds is the business name. We got some great locations and will soon start putting full advertising on.

The Bitstrips comic this week is a series of comics regarding the Seinfeld – Bill Gates commercial. It’s a 6 part series.

I am looking for Political Geeks – I am working on a series of articles and looking for people that can talk politics and technology. If you can, send me an email at geekazine [at) gmail dot com. I am trying to figure out the schedule of events. This will be a multi-podcast event.

Earlier in the week we had a major attacker try to bring down the system. We ran some blocking software and also blocked a couple IP addresses and the problem went away. It’s still disappointing there are people out there whose only job is to bring down your life.

Got a lot of projects to work on so this Rambling is gonna be cut short. We got the Paythefan lineup set for the week. Will let you know how we did Tuesday. Monday we have ‘This Week in Tech History’ and the LIVE SHOW.

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