Ramblings 9-27-08 – Lots of Interviews

It’s been a long day and a long week. It’s not over. I have a small window, so I’m posting this quick.

Let’s start on Monday. We had a great LIVE Show discussion on Heroes and Android. Thanks to all that participated. Next week we’ll be doing another live show. Call in questions now 608-205-4378

The Podcast went well this week. All quickcasts went great as well. On Friday I had some free time so I asked if anyone wanted to do an interview. Walt Ribeiro (Daily Music Lesson with Walt) responded. An hour later we were up on Skype talking away. The interview is on Walt’s uStream and the audio podcast will be published next week.

Today I participated in the TechPodcasts Roundtable. I decided to talk about Sony ACID and how I use it in a Podcast. Talked about Recording, editing and producing the podcast.

I also had another task this week – install WIFI into an establishment. It was fun and I think I put in a solid system. I tested it out and found no problems and no firewall issues.

The numbers on the site continue to grow. This month we broke a new high because of the DiscCloud post. Now I need to find out how to break those numbers.

I have been working on a Business Plan and Marketing Plan to take Geekazine to the next level. It’s been an interesting few days trying to understand what people need to know. It’s also pretty cool because I get a better understanding of the traffic.

Next week we’ll be working on interviews on a new segment. Now I have to get going to get ready for tonight. A last minute gig with the Trailer Kings.

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